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Experian Insights
Experian Insights
Raising the bar on data integrity
With the Federal Trade Commission posting a study citing that 2.2 percent of credit reports contained an error that could have a meaningful impact on a consumer's credit score, a new approach to how lenders treat data is needed. From preparing for regulatory reviews and benchmarking with peers to providing customers with an optimal experience, lenders are in need of a fresh perspective to meet the new needs of American consumers.
{Learn more on how to take a proactive approach to raising the bar on data integrity.}
CFPB mortgage rule amendments clarify exemptions, procedures, best practices and new effective date
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) first issued the final mortgage rules in January 2013, with final modifications announced in September. The CFPB is insisting that both lenders and mortgage services will have ample time to comply with the rules.
{See the list of modifications.}
Cracking the code on profitable online acquisitions with the empowered consumer
The online marketplace is constantly evolving and changing. Keeping up with consumer preferences is a big challenge for today's financial services marketers. Demographic and behavioral targeting alone hasn't been working, leaving institutions wrestling with low return on investment and high Cost Per Acquisitions.
{Learn more about acquiring creditworthy customers online.}
Women are surpassing men in credit health
As part of a multiyear research program designed to better understand consumer credit trends, Experian® examined the differences between men and women across a range of financial and credit metrics. The findings indicate that, overall, women are better than men at managing their money, debt and credit health.
{Find out more about these differences between men and women.}
Snapshot of automotive finance trends and growth in the subprime market
Learn about the latest changes in risk and lending segments, with insights into delinquency rates and overall automotive finance trends; how subprime is growing on new and used vehicles; how lender type, rates and scores compare by loan-to-value; and more.
{Download the report and view the Webinar.}
A mobile-centric approach to customer acquisitions
Enabling real-time credit decisions helps retail and online merchants lay a platform for customer loyalty while incentivizing an increased customer basket size. Find out how credit issuers can provide an optimal customer experience in emerging channels such as mobile without sacrificing risk mitigation strategies - leading to increased conversions and satisfied customers.
{Learn how credit and retail private-label issuers, who already made the shift to digital, are employing mobile-centric strategies}

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See all the latest webinars we offer on our site.
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See all the latest webinars we offer on our site.
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